The Dimorandi line of vases pays homage to Giorgio Morandi’s paintings and his sober and stationary lifestyle. This project is 100% local, encompassing design, production, and distribution by a network of companies and professionals in the province of Lucca. It features an innovative recycled material called PoliAlu, produced locally and derived from the recycling of polylaminate packaging collected through Tuscan waste “door-to-door” programs. PoliAlu is a durable and visually appealing material resulting from collaboration with Italy’s sole paper mill capable of recycling Tetra Pak materials and produce plastics granuls in the same plant. Moreover, the production technique—large format 3D printing—is energy-efficient, eschewing the need for molds and minimizing production waste. This initiative underscores the value of local solutions in addressing global challenges. Embrace local, embrace sustainability. Designed for Stratifico