Magma, 3D printed lamp

MAGMA is a lamp entirely made with post-consumer recycled plastic, obtained from the dirty portion of door to door collection waste normally destined for the incinerator called PLASMIX .
From this material, the tuscan company REVET produce a heterogeneous plastic granule with an exclusive technique .
The plastic granule obtained is shaped into an organic form through a 3D extrusion process: MAGMA outside it appears in its raw form, apparently similar to a mineral material, while inside it is internally covered in precious gold leaf applied by hand .

Magma is the symbol of the importance of using recycled plastic as a new raw material, an alchemical process that reveals the precious and useful side of recycling.

Magma is a  3D  printed lamp made from  post-consumer recycled plastic, internally covered in gold leaf applied by hand.

Finalist project in the prestigious  Rossana Orlandi’s Contest “Guiltlessplastics 2019

Exposed at “Le Monde De Rò”,  L’Observatoire du BHV Marais, september 2019